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I'd do one for $20-$30

FA accont: Userpage of aixa -- Fur Affinity [dot] net



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I'm really interested in helping you bring your ideas to life! I enjoy all the things you described! :3
My commission info can be found here! If you'd like to check out examples of some of my work, you're welcome to look at my gallery!
I'm new to the commissioning scene, so I don't have many examples, but I do hope that you like what I have to offer!
Have a nice day and thanks for your consideration!


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Heya I saw your thread and was wondering if you would consider me for RLC?

You can find more of my stuff on my Tumblr.
i know this is a late reply but oooooOOHHH SNAP
TRAINER+POKEMON COMMISSIONS!! i love them, and im 100% sure im going to get one if it's okay with you!
I dunno if you're still looking, but, My Deviant Art has all my work and you can see prices and stuff Here on my Commission Thread

I can do stuff in glass jars, I'm pretty good at getting most items to look right (metal is a bit hard but I can do it). Also, as a side-note, I am a feral-only artist.

A bunch of "gummis" from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Universe to be used in my shop on PFQ.

A Commission for a user on PFQ,

A commission for another user on PFQ

Art for myself (and to be used by a friend of mine)

My own version of the summon items of PFQ (for summoning legendary pokemon)

Here's a little bit about how I work:
Aside from my work-life (I am a licensed insurance agent, so I work a lot, but I still have plenty of time to draw), any commission(s) requested of me, become my top priority. So while I am not working on insurance, I'll be working on commissions. (Of course I will take some time to do other things, but for the most part, it would be commission work in my free time)

I believe in fixing any mistakes as soon as they're seen. So, because of that you get AT LEAST one WIP every step of the way. I'll give you a basic sketch (seriously, it's basically just lines and circles) to make sure positioning is okay, then the basic sketch, then the full lines, then flat color, then shading and highlighting, etc, etc. This gives you the opportunity to tell me "no that's not round enough, or white enough or needs more scales." or whatever at EVERY stage, so the commission comes out as close to perfect as I can possibly get it.

I love drawing creatures/monsters/characters from YOUR imagination! Do you want a bat/fox/dragon/tapir/zebra hybrid? Okay! I'll talk it over with you, and we'll go over what part of what animal you want where and I'll flesh it out for you in a reference sheet!

This can vary, however, in most cases, your commission will be done within a week or two, often times just a few days, if I can work on it nearly non-stop, and you are available for updates.

For an extremely large or complex commission it may take up to a month, but I've only once had a piece take that long (the large Skoll/Hati art on my DA) and that was actually due to my old tablet dying on me.

[When I recieve payment vs when I do the work]
In most cases, I will not ask for the payment until the commission is complete or almost complete. Sometimes I will ask for half after I've finished the initial lines, but that's rare.
However, the commission will come with a large watermark on it until payment has been received. After I receive payment, I will give you a link to one that doesn't have the large watermark over it.

It will still retain my signature though.

Note me on DA, or message me here if you're interested.

Also, sorry for the wall of text. I probably over-explained everything, but >_< Anyway. Whether it's me, someone else, or whatever, good luck finding an artist to suit your needs~


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Hi there! I have my commissions open! I have my information and prices listed on my Deviantart, here!: http://xnullmoonx.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Info-584020940
And my FurAffinity Icon commissions here: www.furaffinity.net: YCH $2.00 Icon commissions by xNullMoonx
I personally like to draw in an anime-ish type of style, but I'm really partial to drawings Anime, Humans, Furries/Anthros, Chibis, Cute things, Spooky Things, Ref Sheets, Icons and more!
Feel free to check out some of my work both on my DeviantArt and my FurAffinity! c: Feel free to note me if you have any questions or are curious about anything!!! <3
DeviantArt: http://xnullmoonx.deviantart.com/
FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/xnullmoonx/

Have a lovely day!!! <3


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i know this is a late reply but oooooOOHHH SNAP
TRAINER+POKEMON COMMISSIONS!! i love them, and im 100% sure im going to get one if it's okay with you!

Yep! You may defiantly commission me one of those c: Just pm me you e-mail so I can send more details from there c:


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If you would like more specific pricing or different examples of my art please don't hesitate to ask!


These are just three different "Full Body": $25 1st is Clean Lines / flat color $30 2nd is Clean Lines / Soft Shaded $15 3rd is sketch with flat color


Sorry for the large size here, couldn't lessen it! These Feral Adopts are on sale for $15! A custom Feral of this quality would be about $25-$30 depending on detail.

I am fine with feral, anthro, human and monster boy/girls. If you'd like to see a NSFW example, please feel free to > Look < ୧(˙ ꒳ ˙)ノ₊・~☆



I do YCHs, commissions, adoptables, customs, and have a wide budget options available. My Iron Artist and Flat color start at $15 and is my current june art sale offering. I try to do a special something each month. My YCH auctions start at $40 a slot and have backgrounds, wings incl. and full shading. Adoptables are $10-$40 depending on the level of detail [quickies or something with hours put in], and of customs and commissions vary based on detail wanted. Any species, gender, etc.

Most of my stuff is NSFW but I do enjoy SFW a lot! Here is a link to my gallery:

Userpage of theodrekr -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


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Hello, I'm offering these types of commissions, but I can totally do something more detailed with jars and environments like you're looking for. I love drawing backgrounds and detailed scenes and we could work out a price :)