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Looking to buy simple ref (budget: $50)


Tiny blue piece of shit
I just got a character that I've fallen in love with named Maerwynn. She is a Borzoi Maned wolf mix in a Medieval time frame. Put simple she is the daughter of the queen and a commoner. Obviously king isn't too thrilled about her so she is sent to train as a warrior to die at a young age. After growing to be a young adult she runs away to avoid a war the kingdom was involved in.

Now for what i'm looking for: I need a style that will best represent that she is Borzoi, so please be capable of showing examples of flowy long fur. She does wear a very simple piece of armor. Shoulder plates attatched to breast plate that stops below her breasts. The two pieces are connected by chain mail. Her pants would be baggy commoner pants tied at her waist by a rope with a sword hanging from the rope.

about payment: anything $30 or less i can pay thru paypal, but if it is more, it will have to be thru snailmail. (I am reasonable with shipment and take precautions to avoid theft)

I do have a feral form of her design. Please respond to this post via Furry Amino @Alaricat or Twitter @skumfox

i am not active on these forums so it is imperitive that you send examples to either of those. If you don't have either account, I'm also on Instagram as Skumfox, and my email is Alaricat@icloud.com