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Looking to commission a couple artists

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EDIT: Closing this thread because I've discovered a couple artists that I'd like to commission (and that itself will cost me a lot, so...) Thanks to all those who took the time to reply! <3

I'm looking for someone to draw me and my fiancee. I just bought some new frames, and I can't wait to put some new art in it.

What I want IDEALLY: preferably a traditionally done drawing *with color; preferably watercolor* of myself and my fiancee: our human selves, not our fursonas. I will send pictures once I commission you, but for now, I'd like to keep them relatively private.

HOWEVER, this does not mean I don't like digital pieces or pencil drawings.

I'm not interested in or against any particular style for now, so, if you're interested, throw some examples of your stuff and your prices here, and I'll look through them.
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I'd be willing to do you a traditional piece! Check out my commissions thread in my sig and my two galleries to see if you like my work. I'm fairly flexible with most mediums, but watercolours are a bit of a pet peeve of mine ^^; However, I do have a set of acrylics, coloured pencils, copic markers and chalk pastels. If you're interested, note me the details and I'll workout a price ^_^

Edit: I'll post a few samples to give you an idea ^^;
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I would be interested in doing this. I took a figure drawing class this past spring semester and therefore have some examples lying around the house of my realistic human drawing ability, including one watercolor. :3 I don't have these available online right now, but I can take pictures of them (they are far too large to be scanned unfortunately).
My prices are listed on my page and here are two of my favorite ink paintings (I work in both watercolor and bottled ink. They both handle pretty much the same way, only in my experience ink achieves more saturated colors while watercolor lends itself well to paler shades.

Here are some examples of humans I've drawn. My apologies for the blurriness of the third one.

If you're interested in something a little more stylized, here are some humanoid characters from my gallery:
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M. LeRenard

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I think I'd enjoy doing this, actually. I'm afraid I don't do watercolor, is the problem. What I can do, though, is something like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3428126/
which is kind of half-pencil half-digital, and then take the materials/processing fee for making a print of it off of the final price. We'd have to discuss that further, of course (including the price), but do let me know if this kind of thing in any way appeals to you.
Oh, and I can do people portraits just fine, especially with a reference. Um... here's the only human in my gallery, just so you can see: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1795569/
(Belted that one out in about 20 minutes, but you get the idea.)


I would /love/ to do this! I am primarily a human/traditional artist. I am very good at working from photographs and have a lot of experience with portraiture.
I specialize in oil paints, but I can do watercolor as well. Watercolor would certainly be cheaper than oils.
I would like to add that I am a PROMPT commissioner. I work until the work is done and try to get on things as soon as possible.

Oil examples-




Here is a watercolor -

and some more sketchy works-

If you are interested, I have more work that I haven't posted.

Depending on the complexity, size, and medium you wanted the price could range anywhere from $30- $70 (for watercolor or ink) plus shipping.

Oils would cost from $80-$200 plus shipping (shipping canvases is pricey!).

I am very flexible with pricing and will work around what you can pay. I will also accept payments in installments if you want something really large but it is beyond your means.

I also don't ask for payment until the work is done, however with larger commissions I may ask for a down payment of some kind.

Note me on FA or email me at dovetones at gmail dot com
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What the hell, I'll throw my hat in~
My style seems to stray a bit from what you're looking for, since I really only offer digital, anime-esque pieces. But if you want something a little more semi-realistic, this is a pretty good example from one of my older galleries. Also keep in mind that your piece would probably be a bit more detailed, considering that was submitted almost a year ago. Otherwise, click the paw for my more general stuff, and visit this thread for base prices. Note me on FA or email me at inkpuddle@gmail.com if you're interested.
I do a more anime esque style but I love to do traditional. I do alot of prismacolors but I would love to give watercolors a shot too. I dont have many examples in my sig but let me know, I would be honored to draw for you and your fiancee :D
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