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Looking to commission a partial, mini partial or maybe just a head...


Little Sergal Hermit
Hi, I've been saving up some spare money for a while and I think I finally have enough to commission my first fursuit, so I'm looking for someone to bring Kenna to life!

Here is her best ref at the moment:
Kenna ref pic.PNG

  • My budget: $500, I can go a little above it but I'd REALLY rather not (I'm a college student and I need money for things)
  • Payment method: Right now, the only way I can really pay is through prepaid credit card, wiring money or a bank check because I've been burned before so now I'm financially paranoid. Out of these methods, my favored one would be a bank check. Additionally, I'd like to do a payment plan if possible because I'd rather not pay in full right away. It's not personal and I do have the money, it's just like a said before, I'm paranoid. Because of this, I will request that you send me update pics of my suit at the least before every payment and once before ship. There's just so many scammers out there and I want to be really careful, so please don't take it personally :) .
  • What I'm looking for exactly:
    • Suit: Ideally it would be a partial, however, I understand that you may be unable to produce a decent quality full partial with the options I want for the price asked, so I am willing to reduce it to a mini partial (just head and tail) if necessary. If really necessary, I'd be willing to reduce to just the head as well.
    • Quality: As said before, I do want an at least decent quality suit that won't fall apart too much over time and will have the options I pay for. That means, if I pay for a moving jaw, that jaw should move at least a bit (ideally more than a bit though). However, I do understand that mistakes happen, we're only human.
    • Options:
      • Foam head base: I am ok with both cast foam and upholstery foam and more than happy if you build off of a premade head blank of my choice, but I would like the head to be a realistic size. I would also like it to fit my head measurements. I will give these to you if/when you chose to contact me.
      • Moving Jaw: Ideally, the suit would have a moving jaw, but if you can't make moving jaw right now, please still contact me, I am willing to compromise on this piece.
      • Follow-Me eyes: Please follow the ref and make them the correct colors.
      • Piercings: My character, as you should be able to see in my ref, has 2 piercings on each ear. I'd really like these on my suit head and I don't care what they are made of as long as they stay on, hold up over time and don't look horrible. You can also make them bigger on the head if you desire, just check with me first to make sure they're not too big.
      • Small character details: the scar, the split tongue and style of ears (traditional sergal style ears, not open or up) are very important to me. Additionally, the bits of tan fur that can be seen in the reference are important to me too. If you can't do them on the head, I understand but I'd really like them on the other parts as they become more than small details there.

So, if you are fursuit maker and any of this looks commission worthy, please contact me either here or at Kennathesergal@gmail.com. Thank you and I hope you all have an excellent day!


I'm intrigued! I know nothing about the Sergal species but their design is appealing, and I'd like to give one a shot, but I have some things in my queue already that I'd like to get finished up before I start any more projects. =u=;

If you haven't found anyone by the time I'm done (which may take a little while), I'll check back and see if you'd like a quote from me ^^