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Hiring: ($35+) Looking to commission a SFW m/m piece of Snake/Marth! Budget $35-$100


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I'd like to commission a picture (or two) of Solid Snake/Marth from Super Smash Brothers (Metal Gear Solid and Fire Emblem).

I'm looking for something cute and romantic, but sfw. I'm interested in anything from sketch to full color, traditional or digital.

For a back, I'd just like a solid color (if a color commission), and random Tetris pieces floating around.

Please share your human examples (or link to), prices, and estimated turnaround time

I will pay full before you start, and I can provide character references if you aren't familiar with them. (Marth aged 19+ via FE3/FE12).



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Hi! I'm interested
Here's my gallery:
Human examples:


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commission sheet 1.jpg


Hello! I'm interested in your request! Here my prices and my FA gallery. Don't be afraid to ask for more information.

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HI! My name is Solaris91 and i'm an Italian cartoon artist! I realize everykind of art, from illustration to comic, mostly


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Hi, I would SO love to work with you on this! I'm a huge Smash Bros fan and an even bigger Marth fan, haha. For two flat-colored full-bodies with a simple BG, I charge $50 (which is what you'd be looking at for the simple color BG with Tetris pieces). I'll link some of my human examples here, as well as leave a pseudo-portfolio tumblr with more examples!


And the link: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/quroypeco/

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to see more examples! Best of luck finding an artist, and I hope to hear from you! c:


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Hey there, I would like to draw them! Marth design is very cool, I just googled him to know what you were talking about lol

Here's my FA gallery if you want to check out my art:

and here's my Instagram where I upload non-furr art, so you can find more reference of me doing humans.

Thank you for your time!


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