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(Commission) Selling: ($50+) Looking to commission Cuck/NTR related art


New Member
Hello! My name is Darkmint and me and my girlfriend are really into the idea of cuckolding. She really likes seeing other artists sonas with hers, and I love going through the process of helping artists create such a thing. I enjoy seeing her sona with another artists' doing lewd/nsfw acts, and enjoy helping them create it! Me and her are both really into the artists character with hers. It's not required for it to fully be about cuckolding/ntr and instead just her and your character/sona would be perfectly enough, unless you really want yours, hers, and my own sona to be included.

I wish to aim for anything between $35-$80 dollars for the final result. I would go higher depending on the prompt/art but would prefer to aim for that margin.

I'd love to dm about any ideas you think would be good, or any of my own. I love hearing others concepts for such a theme!