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Hi folks!

While I've been working on my raven shaman partial all by myself, it's been a rough ride and I'm hoping to just commission another artist for my tail!

I'm in the US and currently prefer someone within my country to commission due to shipping problems during the pandemic but I'm not against considering out of country. I'm mostly afraid to commission someone from another country for fear of my commission getting lost in the process.

I don't necessarily have a budget because I'm willing to pay what I need to for a high quality tail, but if I absolutely have to give one I'm not looking to pay more than $200-$300 USD. I do use belts with my partial, so something that I can hook and unhook would be awesome (the belt I'm using as part of my costume has pouches built in so I couldn't slide the tail on) and must be realistic or at least semi-realistic since that's what I'm going for with Duana. Must be durable and hold up over time.

While I don't *need* to have my tail any time soon, I would still prefer receiving it in a timely manner. I won't need payment plans.

I've included a (bad) work-in-progress photo of what I have done so far which is the head with unglued fur (I was testing how everything was working together) and my wing sleeves and my Duana's character sheet so you can see the shape and length of her tail.

Character Sheet- www.furaffinity.net: Duana Character Reference Sheet Part Deux by ShamanDuana
WIP of my partial- www.furaffinity.net: WIP Of my Duana Partial by ShamanDuana

I would super appreciate seeing any similar bird tail work you may have done and what you're estimated prices are.
If there are any other further questions please ask!
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