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Looking to commission someone.


Yup =).
To shorten up the whole thing, I'm looking for quotes for the price of a partial (Head, hands, feet, tail, and wings) fursuit.
Of you know of any builders you would like to recommend, that would be great =). I have an idea of two-three, but i like to keep my options open so I'm kind of still looking.:)
If you know one or is one but isn't open yet, that's fine. :D

Again, rather then make a long post, if your interested send me a message here or my email for more information. <D
Now I must get back to my overdue requests X)
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lowest a partial can go is $550 but can go as high as $800
i am pretty full for things due before July so right now i am charging 30% for things due before July (this fee may be partially or fully lifted if i can work through my list with ease, the 30% is to cover the extra hours i will have to put in to get so many orders done so i do not have to close commissions)


Pete Townshend's Dog
i don't have any actual references, or a website, but i am working on a suit at the moment. i'll definitely be posting pictures to my gallery when i'm done... but if you're interested then, i'd love to take your commission.

i don't do full suits, so partial is perfect. xP i'd only charge for the cost of supplies [around $200 depending on the fur] plus 30% for my own profit.