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Hiring: Looking To Commission!

Are you still looking? If so would it be alright if I messaged you regarding my commission examples? None are nsfw, or anything, I just prefer to talk one on one with any potential clients to help determine if I'm able to bring the art in their mind to life.


Kemono style Artist and felt doll maker
Hi all! I recently made a new sona as one of my friends is a furry and wanted me to make one. I personally am not the best at drawing animals so I’ve been wanting to get some more art for him.

Preferably looking for more stylized/cute commissions rather than realistic, he is a blue puppy after all.

Also if anyone is comfortable doing couples and OC x canon please let me know, I would love to get him with my fav Animal Crossing villager Klaus!

Please let me know if there are any other details you’d like to know!
hello I make needle felt dolls! here's my site for more informations https://moeuwudoodle.wixsite.com/moeterusa/copy-of-home
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