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Art Trade: Looking to do SFW Trades


Siamese Weeb
Please note that I can only draw mammals! This means no reptiles, amphibians, or otherwise! Sorry!

I have art block, and I have banned myself from taking requests because I'm gonna be eighteen in like... seven months, and I plan to start taking professional commissions then, so I can't let people expect free art from me anymore.

So, instead... how about some art trades?

I'm looking for cute-styled art of Vannili, Jasper, Diana, or Sabby, so you know what characters you might be asked to draw. My own art is very cutesy, here are some examples (sorry, they're a little out of date because I haven't drawn many anthros lately):
zeena.png sugar.png tyler.png skai.png
Please make sure to provide examples of your art and the character you want me to draw! These are NOT FCFS, I will pick a few people based on whether I like the design or am able to draw it. Please don't take this personally, I get motivation issues when dealing with a character design that I don't personally click with!

By the way, I love feminine characters and bunnies and cats! If you have one of them, you have a much higher chance of being chosen.