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Looking to do some art trades!


Lady of cute things
always.png artist and composer.jpg Hey everyone! How's it going?

I'm looking to do some art trades. For the time being I'll only take 3, just because I work Thursday-Sunday and I only have time off like once a week to actually work on anything. That being said, if you're patient with waiting then jump right on in. If it's something interesting I'll pick it haha. Even drawing your fursona is okay with me. The art trade could be about anything. I'll work digitally for this though cuz shipping is expensive. @__@

Mostly the art I would like done is of my opossum fursona, or a kitsune character (this one is free for couples pictures and stuff like that) I have. Or my pokemon trainer? Hehehe. The pics I have of them are nsfw though so if any of you are interested, I'll send you refs.

I can draw humans as well if you're curious haha. I have so many human ocs, I like pairing them up with aliens haha.

Art Trades (pending)



ill trade heres a example of my work


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