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Free Art: looking to do some sketch trades/requests!


magical girl cabbit
been a min, i really wanna get back to drawing some 'sonas and characters. show me whatchu got! i'll be sketchin, maybe with simple colors - nothing too fancy :3 i'll be posting my work on twitter and FA. i have a dA in case y'all interested in that too, but intend to be the most active on twitter.

here's my sona for those interested in a trade:

thanks for looking and have a great day!


International Man Of Mystery
I can’t draw for shit, but here’s my goatboi if you feel like drawing him!

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
Just to clarify, you said trades/requests right? So I could send in my OC, but not do one in return?

I ask this because I just require some art of a sona of mine, but I have no way of actually doing an artpiece of my own.

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
that is correct! totally understand, you can just send your OC over :3
Ah, okie then! Well, if possible, wanna draw a cat/fox hybrid OC of mine named Monosuki Tyakushi Lavushi IV? (Lengthy name I know) You can refer to him as Mono for simplicity. Thanks for the opportunity! He's a species called an Aurian, something I made along the years. Hope you like it!



Well-Known Chee
yaaas!! omg you have a moth cat, i gotta draw 'em. cutest name, too. CHEETO!
art bunn.png

Here's my part of the trade! Pretty visible improvement from last time, I think!
Could you please colour in the ref sheet for my character please? He's a male Wolf with light grey fur and blue eyes.


  • ChallekRefSheet.jpg
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magical girl cabbit
I was thinking for you did linearts and me colors+shadows, It is possible I use 2 of my ocs?
Sure! So would it be three characters total, my 'sona plus 2 of your OCs?

What a cute sona! I would defo be down for a trade with you~!
My gallery is here so you can see examples of my art.
Awesome! What character would you like me to draw, or is it my choice? :3