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Free Art: Looking to do Trades and/or Requests!


magical girl cabbit
Happy New Year, everyone!

It's been awhile so I'd love to take requests and/or trades. Requests will be different sketches, trades will be full body with colors. SFW only, please!
My 'sona, feel free to check out my gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45391457
I'll be posting some of them to my twitter @smallladyluna as well, please let me know if this is NOT okay.

Thanks for looking, have a good day!!


Simply magical~ ✨
Xin chào and cám ơn~!

Thanks for the opportunity~! Excited to see your concoctions~ ✨

I have a titillating owl sona , a fierce kunoichi cat sona, and a cute dragon sona. Feel free to do solo or pair or group them!


Feel free to humanize/feralize/etc them if you prefer it more than anthro. Character descriptions are found within their posts in the gallery "sona references." Preferably submit the art on DeviantArt, but you can do anywhere I can be linked to! ^w^


Simply magical~ ✨
TY! ^w^

I'd love to make a request if that's alright ^w^ Feel free to draw one of these cuties!
GOOSE MY BELOVED.pngbunny.pngBirb.pngnhdckhdc.png
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Oooo, Lunaria is such a little cutie, I'd be down to do an art trade with ya!!!

I'd mainly prefer the bunsona here if you could draw him for your part, that'd be great! ^^


Curious wolf
Maybe a request of my boy here^^


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