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Looking to draw OCs - freebies

Arroyo Milori

Dandy Lion
Give me a shot if you like a challenge. Reference in my signature : 3 Try drawing him in a pilot's jacket or something steam punky.


Maybe that tiger you were talking about, hanging with my Mark Grizzlepaw downing a few beers :D?


I hardly request, but if it's for practice, I'd like to see you try her:

Name: Katrina "Kitty" Lynn
Age: (The Refs show a few ages, so you can pick from either 12, 18, or about 24)
Species: Lion/Feline
Size (At 24): About 5'4", Average bust, a tiny bit out of shape with moderately large hips
Eyes/Colors: Brown/Yellowish Brown fur with very light tan muzzle/torso.

Katrina is a very introspective girl. Not a whole lot comes out of her mouth without a lot of thought before it. Her eyes, as shown, appear a bit slanted and are a very deep brown. She prefers to wear pink or baby blue, and is a modest dresser.

B&W Ref Sheet:









Avi by Grouchinator. :3


scribble sketcher
sorry, I've not replied lol.. Umm, I won't be drawing all of you.
I've chosen Sanya Jane, Mark Grizzlepaw, Zane, Molfie & Melody. I don't know when they'll be done, but I'll probably PM you with finished art ♥

thanks all for letting me draw your characters


Daring Air Pirate!
I hereby volunteer Alex, my siamese (see SIG bar for refs)!


scribble sketcher
update guys; I can't draw all the ones I promised, and I feel really shitty. Something's come up, and I've only drawn Melody/Grizzlepaw so far, but that's all I'll be able to do

sorry o_o' (I'll scan those when I can)


The Goofy Destroyer
Hi there. If your not to busy maybe you can draw my fursona. Here are the details.

Species: Chimera
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 265 lbs
Build: Bulky all over build, broad-shoulder/upper-body, Forearms are gorrila like (thick biceps large forearms), thick muscular legs, large hads and feet.
Looks: face wise has a wolfman look to it, has fangs like that of a saber tooth, spicky patch of fur on chin
Fur: On back, back of neck and on head (instead of hair) long quill like hair (much liker a porquine pine) Dark blue with quills, tips of ears, elbows and chin fur basic red
Extras: Has a long, large tail covered with quills and a long prehensile tounge, and arms can streach pretty long and grow in size by three-four time original size.
Clothes: just wears black baggy cargo shorts and matchung gloves.
Personality: Wild, kind, goofy