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Looking to get into RP (18+)


Birb Fanatic
Tried looking for RP over on ToyHouse but haven't found anyone so far.
Even though I don't want to RP with minors I do not want to include any NSFW or kinks, so please keep that in mind.

I'm okay with playing human(oid) and anthro characters. Here are some I'm interested in using:
Tallika (Snake shifter, male)
Wasp (Anthro sheep, female)
Cassio (Anthro dinosaur, male)

Romance option(s) are not available for Tal as he's already taken.

If you're interested, please reply here or DM me directly. I usually don't have much motivation to go on Discord but we could work something out ig

I’m not a reptile

I’d definitely be interested if your still looking, I’d definitely be open to talk more in DMs if you want. I’ve been in the mood for something casual or laid back kind of RP, if that also strikes your interest.