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Looking to get my first fursona picture done!


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Hello there!
I have re-created my fursona and, for the first time, am looking for an artist to do some art of him on both sides of the "For Work" spectrum.
He's a wolf character, dark-grey, kinda of stocky/bara-ish. Around his twenties and geeky/innocent looking, but is secretly kind of a freak.

I have some references and ideas of what he would look like, wear, etc, I just need someone to want to draw him!
Unfortunately, I think my budget would be around $50. I do want to support artists as much as I can, but I am a writer and do not make much money (yet).
Anyways! If this sounds interesting to anyone, please let me know! I'd really like to get this done! Thank you!


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Hi! I would like to make your request! here some example of my art and price. Gallery-http://www.furaffinity.net/user/solaris91/ :

Sketch 5$:

ICON 5$:

character profile 15$:

Big draw 25$:

little draw 15$:

CHIBI 10$:

Comic page 80$:


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Hey! I can do a reference sheet of your wolf character for that exact budget, since it's the common price I usually charge.
The basic reference sheet includes one full-body view, one bust-shot and three head-shots. (As seen in the examples)

Alternatively I can offer doing a new type of sheet. It would include one front-view, one back view (naked) as well as one dressed version of those same poses. (Either a back & front view of the same outfit, or two front views with different clothes) As well as one head-shot and one or two items of choice. (Weapons, a cup of tea, a violin. Anything) Since there are no examples yet, I'd offer it for the same price.

Here are some examples of my style:




My gallery can give a better impression: Artwork Gallery for Yarik -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you're interested you can contact me via the note system or write an E-mail to: 1992rafaelmartin@gmail.com


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I think I could do two side ref sheet with flat colouring for aroubd $50 as long as there aren't many details :)
You should check my gallery on FA for the examples of my art :)


My friend and I are open for collab commissions, both feral and anthro. Here's our chart (clicking on the image takes you to the FA page, where a TOS is linked in the artist description):


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Hello! Here are some samples!

You can see more reference sheets in this gallery.

My sheet prices are:
- Full Sheet: (front/back view, head shot) - $40
- Simple Sheet: (front/back view) - $30
Add ons:
+ New Full view - $10 each
+ View with clothes on - $5 each
+ Head shot - $5 each
For more information check out my Commissions Page!

If you are interested, feel free to contact me here on the forums or on FA!


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Hello all! thanks so much for all the replies, I really appreciate it!
Some of us have spoken now through messages, but I do think I have found my artist!
However, I love the examples and styles in this thread, so, I will certainly follow you guys on your FA pages and keep you in mind for future projects! My RP partner and I do a lot together, and I always want something drawn, so we shall see where we go from there.
Thanks again, so much, I am really flattered and happy that people were so willing to help me!


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Hey, I'm glad you found an artist C: I appreciate that you're still looking for people to follow, so I'll post my stuff here.

You can check out more of my work and my styles HERE. Also, clicking on the examples below will take you to the full-sized image.

Contact me on:



Hey there! My full body fully colored commission start at 30$ CAD
I can work with just a text decription. I'll send you pictures of the sketch during the prosses you'll be sure to recive what you're looking for!
For more options, you can take a look at my etsy add: www.etsy.com: Dessin personnalisé commission

You can find (very) nsfw examples here: http://lunastuck.tumblr.com/
Here're a couple of sfw examples:


If you're interested, you can contact me on my tumblr on trough my gmail at catherine.s.houle@gmail.com!


I'm interested!
Please check out my gallery for examples: http://xserzus.deviantart.com/gallery/

Other examples:
My reffs start at 20$ for one fullbody picture, and +20$ for every extra picture. Accessories and clothes are extra. I only do SFW sheets.

Examples and their prices:
--- 20$

---- 40$

--- 80$


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I can make a front and back ref sheet for $50, both a SFW and NSFW version.
One Sided Example-


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Hello all! Just wanted to thank you all so so much for all the replies! As I said before, I did find my artist, but you all draw so well, that I simply cannot resist likely commissioning something again! I am extremely satisfied with the picture I received from my artist, but I will certainly need some other pictures done sometime soon, so I will be watching and keeping a lot of you in mind for future commissions.

Again, thank you all so much, your talent is overwhelming and I just wish I had enough money to commission you all!


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