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Free Art: Looking to line and color some sketches!


Well-Known Chee
The title’s pretty self explanatory! If anyone has unfinished sketches that they don’t know what to do with I can line, color, and shade them for you!! Example below! (Original sketch by @/PawffeeBeans on Twitter)

I'll be taking a few!! Make sure to drop your ref sheet below if the sketch is of a specific character!


heheheh- *snort* heh- *snort*
hey, how rough are you looking for? 'cus I do have a few sketchs I'd love to get colored: a few nice, a few that could use some rework :p
here's quite an old one:
untitled (3) (1) (1).png
left one's this tapir lil' guy:
right one's this siamese dude:

they're supposed to be resting their arms on the other's shoulder but the arms are kinda off :p
I could provide other options if this'd be too much tho <v<'
anyway,thanks for the chance~ :)
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Your Cantaloupine
I've got quite a few sketches that need finishing lol

Can you do this sketch of mine? No shading just, white male, brunet hair and blue eyes. Darker colors for clothes?


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