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Looking to Pay for Commissions

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Overall looking to get some price ranges, Overall Styles, and Time Ranges of commission. I would like to state this is my first time requesting art and may find myself a bit tied up between multiple options, but once I have decided then it's set.

Also, request that payments be made via Paypal.

The arts I'm wanting to hire someone for are 3 HD, Possibly WallPaper quality of 1440x3440p art. (I understand this may increase the price? If it is too much of an increase, then we can discuss from there.)

All pieces may contain nudity / hentai / yaoi in them.
My "Fursona" isn't really a fursona, and it a shota looking Neko boy, though isn't shota age directly. (One of the pieces is a character sheet of this)
Another Piece will be 3 characters, (my BF (Dragon), me (Neko), and his GF (Lion))
Lastly one of just me and my BF.
The art style I prefer is more realistic, which again, I understand may not be cost or time effective.

Overall these should be the basic things I am looking for. I apologise if I skimmed through the rules about not requesting commisions on here. I wasn't sure if it was purely Free commision requests or not based on the couple of pages I read. Also not sure if it's PG13 only or not. If so please just let me know and I'll remove the post if I'm capable to do so.

Thanks for reading this far. =^..^= happy new years!


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If you do move it there, you're required to list a budget somewhere on your first post as well keep in mind.


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Closing this, since it would not be acceptable in its current format for a direct move to The Art Sales and Auctions.

Please ensure you read the rules listed in that section before reposting.
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