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Looking to play with some Pokémon


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So… lately I’ve been trying my luck around f-list for this and well… it didn’t work all that well so I figure to come here and try my luck on a Pokémon RP. So here’s the list of my favorite Pokémon, it can be in their feral form or anthro form. Gender… I prefer male, male herm, female, herm or dickgirl:

- eeveelution
- riolu
- Lucario (normal and mega)
- Pikachu evolution line (both normal and alola)
- vulpix evolution line (both alola and normal)
- litten and torracat
- arcanine and growlithe
- cyndaquil evolution line
- houndour evolution line
- suicune
- poochyena evolution line
- sneasel and weavile
- electrike evolution line
- absol
- shinx evolution line
- buizel evolution line
- buneary evolution line (mega lopunny is fun too)
- fennekin evolution line
- litleo evolution line
- Mudsdale
- scorbunny evolution line
- Yamper and boltund
- Zacian (normal and crowned sword form)
- Zamazenta (normal and crowned shield form)

Now that the list is out of the way, here’s the various ideas I have:

Idea 1: this idea is basically where my character’s dad passes down his Pokémon down to me. I’m gonna play as an inexperienced trainer who only knows how to take care of them, not much into battling.

Idea 2: my character will be played as a coach of some sort, a trainer sent in his Pokémon to me to help improve and well… I know of away to get them into shape.

Idea 3: a new company has been made just around the block but since it’s their first day, Pokémon butler and maid roam around apartment building to see if they can offer cleaning service. My character is depicted as somebody who’s overworked or something, he hasn’t had time to organize his place and a maid or butler to help around seemed nice, maybe even nicer to help with his… built up urges

Idea 4: how’s about a good ol PMD style adventure, a bit of mischief along the way and some good character development~

Idea 5: you know… I kinda want to feel what’s it like to get roles reversed, the Pokémon be the master and my character be the… sub to the Pokémon.

Anyways, that’s all I got, kinda wished I had more but yeah, PM me if you wanna talk more about it.