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Looking to practice! Specific themes are welcome :D


Nitro coldbrew whenever!
Hey there! I'm open to requests -- just made a new FA and I'm looking to fill up my gallery with your ideas! :D I recently got back to drawing and wanted to work on my skills while exploring styles and themes. So here's the gist:

- I draw anthro (all species welcome), humans, feral reptiles and dragons
- I don't do females that well, especially humans. Anthros are fine if you don't mind me trying :)
- Wings, weapons, armors and clothes are fine. In fact, they are very welcome!
- Aside from normal urban settings, I'm open to specific themes like fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, military and even some video game/film universes (I'm a console gamer), so feel free to request for a theme you like!
- Dynamic poses or other ideas are welcome too, as long as it isn't NSFW
- I take priority in different species and particular/interesting requests, so it's not a first-come first-serve thing ;)

Fill in this form if you want a request. Comments that don't follow this form will be ignored (sorry, I need to work with details):

Character Name:
Ref Sheet (if available):

Give me your FA link too if you want me to pm when the piece is done. I'll post it here too for sure ^^

There's 5 slots open for now. Progress statuses will be updated here. When I'm done with the queue, I'll consider opening more and probably make another thread :)

1. Niba (@Niba) --
2. Jennifer (@Borghild) --
3. Julen (@Julen) -- sketching
4. Aspen (@sarnarus) -- sketching
5. Wamu (@Xing Tian) --

Here's the sample of my work:

Thanks a lot for your interest! Looking forward to seeing cool characters from you all :D
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Character name: julen
Personality: he's a bit of a psycopath, he's kinda violent but not always
Theme: maybe a jungle in the background
Pose: maybe walking holstering an m16a1 or sitting alone on a rock, looking tired, with his helmet off, opening a cigarette box.
I don't have a ref sheet but you can use my profile pic and this

(Gotta put the "born to kill" quote on the front.of the helmet. I just love it XD)
Thanks for considering it :3
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Oh gosh, you have quiet a fancy presentation here! And when I opened the spoiler.. sbdsfhdsbgdhjsg. What a nice style you have already, can't wait to see what you'll make after you work on your skills!
I would love, of course, to have my character drawn by you. I love your idea about videogames, and I started thinking about it, what I'd love most to see..

Character Name: Niba
Personality/Trait: Relaxed, smiling. I like when people feel at their ease, and so I like to be.
Theme: Despite the traits I just wrote, I tought about this regarding videogames.. Being my fursona a cat, I always felt a nice feeling towards khajiits in Skyrim.
Pose/Ideas: Continuing with the Skyrim idea, there's a little meme I always liked that was, in different representations, this

I'd find really cool and cute a similar representation with my fursona selling stuff in a similar way, reflecting the spirit of the khajits of course!
Ref Sheet (if available): www.furaffinity.net: Nibu by Niba

And, of course, my FA page
Userpage of niba -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Sorry for my bad English. I'm Italian! :3

Edit: I'd really love a representation regarding a videogame world. The Skyrim one was just the first I tought about while replying. I'm also more a pc gamer, so I tought about a gamer we could both have played. I've some other games I enjoyed listed into my profile description. Put an eye there if you like, and if you find another game universe that you'd like to draw just tell me. I always found that the better drawings were the ones that the artist better enjoyed drawing :3
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It would be nice if you could draw my male espeon
Name: Kaden
Personality/trait: shy and thoughtful, but is strong when it comes down to it. Very nerdy gamer.
Theme: fantasy, I guess? I don't really have a preference
Pose: Whatever poses people do for ref sheets.
Ref sheet: N/A
Link to my FA: Userpage of pekka4597 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
P.S. My profile pic isn't my fursona, just a temporary thing I had drawn a while ago that I'm using. Still working on actually making a drawing of my fursona.
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Would you be interested in drawing my female porcupine?
Character Name: Erma
Personality/Trait: Due to her prickly exterior, few people want to get close to Erma, so she's sort of solitary, and tends to cover up emotional pain with snarky humor, but underneath, she's kind and caring, and a loyal friend.
Theme: In the forest
Pose/Ideas: Bending down to peer closely at something, or sitting cross legged.
Ref Sheet (if available): I don't have a proper ref sheet, but here are some of my most recent drawings of Erma: www.furaffinity.net: Butterflies bring hope- Lupus awareness by Anodracs other pictures: www.furaffinity.net: The shadow always wins by Anodracs www.furaffinity.net: Porcupines do not make good pin-ups WIP by Anodracs www.furaffinity.net: Behind the fence by Anodracs


If you need to practice drawing deer you can draw me c:

Character Name: Aspen Willow
Personality/Trait: Cocky, reserved
Pose/Ideas: holding a dragon head :D i have a dragon friend that would looove that but i dont mind if you have a better idea
Ref Sheet (if available): www.furaffinity.net: totally not gay deer reference by Aspen_Willow
www.furaffinity.net: aspen headshot by Aspen_Willow (use this headshot for the general ear shape :p

My FA:Userpage of aspenwillow -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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Alrightttt now, sorry for the late reply guys, was out the day before, but I'm back and ready to get workin'! :cool:

First off, thanks to all who posted their characters -- they're all awesome and would be fun to draw! But 5 slots it is and here are the ones I've chosen:

@Borghild - I love sharks! Never actually drew one but definitely will do it. Also, I'm a sucker for steampunk so I'm gonna have a go at that.
@Xing Tian - Wamu's adorable and drawing a girl is a challenge I'll gladly take from you ;)
@Julen - Awesome awesome, a human request!!! Love the Full Metal Jacket ref btw :D
@Niba - Aw thanks for the comment! Niba's real cool, so is your idea about Khajiits and the pose! Definitely doing this one :p
@sarnarus - Love Aspen's design, and I can't resist dragons :rolleyes:

Heads up guys I'm going to pm some of you to clarify some details. Since I'm going to go full throttle with it (coloring, shading and all), it's going to take some time so I thank you for the patience :) Feel free to pm me to check up on the progress anytime, though I will be updating the status here in the original post as well.

To the others, your characters are still awesome, doesn't mean I don't like 'em in any ways, but the ones above just piqued my interest more, that's all :) Thanks for checking in anyhow!

Xing Tian

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Love this guy so much he actually drew him like one of those French girls, love this guy so much-no homo


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How long is this open? I'm already cringing at the idea of the amount of work already requested here.


Nitro coldbrew whenever!
My actual reaction:

Your reaction made my day; cheers, mate :cool:

Love this guy so much he actually drew him like one of those French girls, love this guy so much-no homo
I can't stop smiling at that picture it's too good XD

Aw, thanks :D Just figured it'd be a pretty cool challenge (hey, kinda have to learn how to draw mech suits someday anyways XD).
Also I laughed like hell when I saw the post. So all in good fun ^^

How long is this open? I'm already cringing at the idea of the amount of work already requested here.

Just missed it! Sorry :/
Guessing from your avatar, our character's an insect?

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