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Looking to take 2 requests


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Hi everyone!

Taking a break from regular work. Looking to test my skills in the creation of my own fursona.

I have been studying on the side and doing requests for the rest of the month.

Attached is a recent request that I have finished.

I will select one or two OCs that I would like to attempt to draw and then I will tag the owner(s) once finished. The species and a short bio about your OC would come in handy.

Thanks for accepting me into the community ^_^


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Buh-bye forums.
Well thank you for the chance! Hope you enjoy the artistic journey ^^l

Apologies the images are a bit big.

Her name is Eirlys, she's a Swedish lobotomy surgeon. She's an avatar for me, could be considered a self-representation but also not really? Interpret her however you will! I especially love gory or vore themes
Lac2mWIdzqjHh80FoIvi7P3zxqMPc4iIhNP3ey6Y4Fbez6n8vF61VS77ixqs (1).png



Vorish wolftaur
I wusky (wolf husky) from a village called Thistlewood. Hyper and friendly, he's known by others as a dependable person and fierce protector.

I am into medieval themes and vore, probably irrelevant but whatever

I don't really expect to be picked.


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