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Looking to take request

Slow day and i have art block like usual so I'm here looking to take request. Large or small, nsfw or sfw, and anything in between. So i do have some rules like many other artist mainly nothing gorey, involving toilet play, or loli like things. I draw in both traditional and digital forms. I do wanna try new things too but that's a story for a different day. So post your refs bellow with an idea or dm me it. I have art block and i need you to break it so thank you in advance.


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Can you make my Protogen into a very sexy pose showing off his goods, his lelength is essentially a 8 inch shaft, roughly 7 inches around, and two relitivley nice sized testicles.


Would you be interested in drawing a deer wearing traditional Han Chinese attire?


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Your art looks cute, so i'll leave my Nighty here, just in case you find him interesting. ^-^
If you do, i would like something SFW with him. If you're up for a challenge, maybe some pole dancing stuff? Not sure myself. It's your art, you know better, what you plan on practicing. ^-^


Hey there!
Would you like to draw my boy Fret? SFW would be preferred!
You could draw him intensely shouting/singing in a microphone if you're feeling it!
Thanks so much! <3


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If you're still open if like to see what you make


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