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Looking to Trade! [Closed]


Hi! I've been kind of itching to do some art trading so uh, why not come to the forums? I will probably only do one or two at the moment (I will edit this post when I choose) so please don't take it personally if I don't choose you! I'm pretty versatile when it comes to character subject (human/furry/etc) but ! I do have a few rules;
  • Share a reference of your own work, or link me to your FA!
  • Include/link a reference (visual, no written refs) of the oc you'd like me to draw for the trade.
  • If it is not included in the reference, tell me a little about your character. Their personality, what they like to do, what they like to eat, traits, what they love, things like that! No more than a few sentences, we're here to draw not write essays :p
NOW! For examples of my own work, as well as the characters I would like art of! I have a few to choose from, and this is the style I will be drawing my half of the trade in. (Click the links included to go to the fullsized image that I posted to my FA! )


This is Courier, my fursona! Feel free to draw them as you see them here, or in a cute outfit (if I choose you feel free to ask for examples for outfits if you'd like!) Please only use He/Him or They/Them pronouns for Courier. FA post

Talliraz is an Arakkoa, a species of bird people from the game World of Warcraft. He's very shy and clumsy and he has a prosthetic right leg. He practices dark magics, and his most prized possession is the yellow charm around his neck. He is very fluffy! FA post


Lil Sun is a gryphon design I made a few days ago, so I don't know much about them! They are about the size of a Labrador but they behave like a housecat! They purr and quack like a duck. Refer to them in any pronouns. FA post


You can call this girl Wynona Oxt or Oxtdormi. Shes a plucky gal who uses her guns as conduits for magic (like a mage's wand or staff). She also has a dragon form, but at the moment I'm interested in this art of this form. Feel free to include/exclude the horns, and her shirt is not shown, but it should be something plain and neutral to match her bomber jacket and outfit. Shes plucky, speedy, and a little eccentric. FA post
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Green butt of reason
Not a decent artist as of now, but good with interactive animations and random gifs (http://greenbuttocks.tumblr.com/ some examples) , so if that's your kind of thing, or you want an icon for yourself or something, I'm more than glad to communicate - I'll link the reference if you like my offer if you don't mind, to not waste any time on drawing lots of stuff about a char that's probably not going to be drawn (I don't have high hopes for being picked anyway, we're on different levels :D )

Aside of that, some really good artwork, I like your style.
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@nerdbat @Mew2MewTwo Hey guys don't sell yourselves short! You and the other users in this thread have great art ! I'd like to trade with you two, feel free to choose among the ocs I listed for your half.

Though nerdbat, I'll need that ref of your character if you'd like me to start on yours ;P also feel free to PM it and any questions you have to me (I have some ideas you could animate if you don't have any ideas of your own! I'd love to see what you come up with!). Thank you everyone ! I might open up this thread again later, or simply make a new one. :p
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