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Loose Style Commissions (open)


These are Loose, so level of neatness may vary but they will be very clean. Complicated or complex forms/clothes/designs Might be simplified, but I am able to work with you if you'd like something specific kept precise. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will update this post accordingly.

  • To claim a slot please comment/PM/note/ email me (1fruitmeats @ gmail.com )
  • Please have visual references even if its a handful of google images (this type of shirt with this fur patterning with this type of beak etc etc).
  • Sketch WIP(s) provided
  • If you have a pose/expression/concept/etc in mind please be as specific as possible, I do not mind working with artistic freedom but I want to make sure YOU get what you want!
  • Payment is USD through Paypal invoice and is Up Front. I do not work until payment is received.
  • SFW or Mild NSFW. Includes nonsexual/artistic nudity, mild sexual encounters (feel free to ask in a PM whether or not your idea is considered 'mild' or at least available for me to draw).
  • These are Fullbody. Prices: $30 Flat / Simple | $45 Shaded / Complex | + $20 per additional character (max 3 total)

((Click links below for fullsize of the respective examples))


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