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Loosing 1,000 faves O_O


Yeah, its exactly that... Last night I had I think 3,466 faves and today I have 2,560 something. I can understand that there may be some bugs and such that are getting ironed out but is there really any reason as to why I have just lost around 30 pics worth of faves ?

(I'm not a good artist :p)

I pm-ed Dragoneer, so hopefully he may shed some light on the issue but has any one else experienced a sudden drop in the amount of faves they have on their page from works they have created ?


Site Developer
FA is in the process of having all of it's counters globally resync'd, after the broken code was fixed and applied in production.

Yourself loosing favorites probably means that you once had submissions that had faves, then you removed those submissions. The code does not decrement your favorites count when you do that.
When the resync has been ran, it accounted only for currently existing faves.