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Lopgoat Adopts for $10 (Open)


tiny bastard!!
I'm a little short on change on after buying all of my Christmas gifts and there's something small I wanted to buy last minute, so please bear with me as I part ways with some lopgoat adopts..! ; v ;

All goats are a flat $10 USD. Comment below to claim or pm me (you can pm me on FA or DA instead if you prefer)- I'm accepting through venmo and paypal.
(I'll send a non-watermarked image at higher rez with color palette once bought.)


The base is created by Vani!

1. geometric - open
2. sushi - bought
3. spooky - open
4. collie - open
5. malt - open

Once bought you can change the name, gender, species or markings as you like. You cannot claim the base as your own nor the designs. You can resell for a higher price with included art or trade them. If you do something more with them, I'd love to see!
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