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Loud House Fanart Day 2022 begins!


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Hello there and welcome back.

I have inaugurated the first ever yearly event called Loud House Fanart Day. It's an event that happens on the same day as Father's Day, June 19. The main reason why I came up with this event is because one of my friends couldn't celebrate Father's Day as his father broke up with his mother. It's sad that not everyone still has their father. But, it is true. So, I made an event to make him feel better. This is not an art request or commission. It's an event that I came up with just for fun. And yes, both SFW and NSFW art are allowed. Feel free to share us your fanart for Loud House Fanart Day if you are interested in participating in this event.

The rules to this event are as follows.

1. For NSFW art, all characters must be or depicted as 18+

2. All art is allowed, even NSFW art and whatever weird stuff the fandom has like Sinkids for example. And yes, crossovers are also allowed.

3. For giantess art, Chrisnyan is required to make an appearance. Reference pic is down below and make sure you put "Character belongs to Chrisnyan Lolz" in the description. Having him on the character's uvula is preferable if you draw vore. Same thing applies to same-size vore art as well.

4. If you draw gore or horror, the main characters cannot die. You can draw gore art or art that involves killing as long as if the characters from The Loud House aren't killed off in the process. Having Lynn Loud Jr boxing for example is fine. But, having one of the characters get killed off is pretty sad to see and we don't want any sadness in this event.

5. The most important rule of them all. Any character is allowed. And yes, you can even draw Belle/Thicc QT if you wanted to. And yes, even other OCs are allowed.

Here is a reference pic of Chrisnyan's newest design if you are wanting to draw giantess art.


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