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Love Fairy Adoptables


Maverick Hunter D-Boy reporting!
Anyone interested in a Love Fairy character?

I figured to help get more exposure to my offers, I'll post here on the Forums (then again, I probably should've done that in the first place! :rolleyes:).

Anyway, check out my lovely Love Fairies:

Love Fairies I-A-1
Love Fairies I-B-1
Love Fairies I-C-1
Love Fairies I-D-1
Love Fairies I-E-1
Love Fairies I-F-1

Each adoptable Love Fairy is $5.


* Only one per customer.
* Place in a comment (in the comment section of the respective pic) which one you wish to buy, and I will contact you in a note where to send the payment (Paypal, natch).
* Only after the payment is received will I give you the specific fairy with color scheme notes (hair color, eye color, etc).
* After you receive it, you can give her a name, a profile, quirks, whatever. You could even give her some clothes if you wish.
* All sales are final (no refunds or exchanges). If you want to resell the fairy, sell for no more than the price you bought her--$5 (but why would you want to resell her? :()