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Lucario Head


Lazy Artist

Selling for $250.
-Foam Base
-Foamies for eyes with Buckram for vision
-Tear-duct vision (and through eyes)
-Designed for head ~23 inches (fits nicely but is a tight fit to initially put it on)
-No zipper in hood (hood only extends to bottom of the neck because that's all I needed)
-Jaw base isn't attached to the rest of the head to help with putting head on
Please note that the head is this cheap for a reason. The ears were old ones used from a previous Lucario head and the fur lies in the wrong direction (however, brushing the fur back makes this hard to notice). Jaw is slightly crooked but isn't too noticeable when being worn. Otherwise, markings are all sewn except for around the ears where they are glued down. Ventilation is amazing with spots through the eyes, tear-ducts, muzzle, and mouth (make sure you dry off the eyes and tear-ducts after extended wear to prevent the buckram from warping).
I'll throw in his blue-fur neck-guard (which I used to wear under the hood and bodysuit to prevent skin from showing).
Pics of the head (completed and WIP shots) can be found here:
-Please note, I'm only selling the head, nothing else-
I've worn the head a few times but it will be fully cleaned and ready for a new wearer (you're going to want to buy a balaclava or something to wear under the head so you don't get too much sweat into the foam). I just am not happy with his look and want to make a new one now that my skill has increased. By selling him, I'm able to give him a new home rather than having him live in storage his whole life.
If you have any questions or wish to see different photos in very specific poses or angles or whatever, feel free to let me know as I'll be happy to oblige.
Shipping will be about $15 for the Continental US states. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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