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Lucario WIP


Lazy Artist
I've been working on repairing him kind of off and on for awhile (as in a bought him used and have since replaced the head, paws, legs, and feetpaws along with fixing some bad stitching and making it fir me perfectly). Anyways, my boyfriend really wants me to get him done by November 21st so I can wear him at a midnight release for Smash4 for Wii U and for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. It does sound like it'd be pretty fun (he'll be playing his piano and I'll be suiting).

I'm making this thread to try and keep me motivated.

D -Tidy up feet shaving
D - Add zipper or elastic or more fur to back of feet
D -Sew velcro backing to paw (already have other done)
D -Make tail more comfortable to wear (if push comes to shove, cut open and remove bar and just sew top to the back of the suit with a temp stitch and worry about it later)
D -Sew second leg (and double-stitch the other)
D -Re-sew part of thighs
D -Re-sew zipper for front
D -Fix velcro for front
D -Add lower face and neck to head
D -Add eyes
D -Sew and cut sleeves to paws
D -Sew sleeves to torso
D -Sew black "belt" to torso and thighs
D -Sew black rings to torso and sleeves
D -Sew legs to thighs

I think that's all I have to do.

And of course, pics:


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Lazy Artist
Little bump~

I have to make repairs to the right black leg because it was too tight at it's connecting spot for some weird reason. A zipper on one of the feet also popped on me right as I was putting them on at the event so I need to buy at least one new and stronger one. I also don't like how the current torso zipper feels so I'll be swapping in a more powerful one. I also have to fix one of the tear-duct vision spots because of warping due to it not being installed correctly. Still need to add pawpads and finish the bottom of the feetpaws.


And a pic including the whole booth (the one playing piano is my boyfriend while Lucario is obviously me).

I'm kinda bummed that not that many pictures were taken. XP