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Luft: like Skift, only more generic


So yeah here's a fox ~again~. Whole point of this character is getting a partial fursuit of him since the markings are simple and I love white fur for some reason? No reason I can't make this a thing I guess

Name: Luft
Age: Whatever I say he is >:[
Sex: Male
Species: Fox. Probably white with weird markings red fox since Arctics have small ears and all that
Height: My height? That's 5'7" and some change iirc
Weight: 130ish pounds

Appearance: fox-y, less floof and more sleek.
hair and fur: It's white. With dark gray/black markings. Yeah.
markings: question mark on right hip, small gray triangle markings pointing down underneath the eyes, black ears, black tail tip.
eye color: bluuue
other features: complete fag

Behavior and personality: Bubbly, airhead, carefree, oblivious, basically your standard foxdudeguy. Likes sweets and hanging out, is a social butterfly, can be irritating because he spaces out constantly and his short term memory is comparable to a fruit fly. He's fun though, but flaky as hell. His spirit isn't easily crushed - perhaps because he's oblivious. Getting turned down just means he needs to try harder to be likable, for instance. You gotta be blunt with this guy.
Luft is also not fond of mind-altering substances and you won't find him in a head shop or at a bar. He's innocent....ish and prefers the highs that come with a cup of coffee and some WUBWUBWUB at 6 am. He likes things with nice aesthetics, like sunsets and sunrises and pretty nature scenes, as well as pretty characters he meets. He tends to oogle them or get all giddy and start doing the whole GURRRL IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR *limpwrist* routine.
If you have the patience to deal with his obliviousness, he's a pretty alright guy. Just don't ask him to remember anything. He'll forget it. And then he'll be all OH GOOOOOD I'M SO SORRY I FORGOT *sobsobsob* and that is even more irritating than him just forgetting OKAY.

Skills: Makin' new friends, dancing, making people laugh, looking ~amazing~ in drag, never-ending supply of spaz.
Weaknesses: Being oblivious and forgetful, would not survive any type of fight, being irritating without realizing it.

Likes: Sweets, caffeine, pop and electronic music, being outrageous, spazzing the hell out over cute and pretty things and new musics.
Dislikes: Spicy food, people avoiding him without saying why, wallflowers, people who openly hate on gays/trans*/his flamboyancy because FUCK YOU IT'S FUN. >:[

History: He is the last living member of his tribe of ninja assassin foxes who can control the wind, but he got kicked out of ninja school for using his powers to make farting noises with his hands constantly. Pppbbrrt. Bbbbpppp.

~~~~~~~~F O X C E P T I O N~~~~~~~

Clothing: You don't need clothes when you're an animal silly

Goal: Imagine ALL the people!
Profession: DJ obviously :v
Personal quote: "Fun things are fun!"
Theme song:

Likes/dislikes/people: UR MUM as all answers

Orientation: Bi, prefers cock in all orifices


That's generic?? He doesn't really seem too generic. x:

I like the sound of Luft, and his design is pretty cute.


Haha well my other fox character was a cross fox but I poked fun at him a lot because, you know, fox.

That and electronic music and childish attitudes seem a dime a dozen, but it's something that'd be fun to pull off in suit :3


Guess what mood I'm in today.