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So how do you spend lunch FA? Do you sit with certain people? Do you have a job, go out to eat? Any fantastic lunch stories you'd like to share? Lunch is that awesome time of day you get a break and get to socialize. I find some of the most amusing and lulzworthy things out of my day come from the high school lunch room.

Back in my freshman year I would sit with my mormon friend and my friend Molly, and we'd make perverted jokes and get yelled at by his fundamentalist christian friends for saying sex and I'd have heated debates which entailed me using logic and slinging insults and them slinging insults and merely quoting the bible and eventually I got kinda kicked out on account too many people were at the table at the beginning of this year.

Then I started sitting with the weaboos. They eventually invited the stoner who would steal my food and would borrow money from me only to buy drugs with it, and her ultra weaboo friend who thinks she's the awesomest thing to happen to art when she draws exactly like Amuria, which sickens me. So after her and her friends started rumours about me upon witnessing me having an anxiety attack, I stopped sitting with them.

I began to sit alone for a long time and then my friend Tyla befriended me. Then I started sitting at the front of the lunchroom with this guy from my math class and Tyla started sitting with us. Me and him started going out and now the lunch table is full of awesome sexual innuendo day in and day out and my beau hiding his face looking embarassed and yet pleased at the same time. Many jokes that truly turn any food instantly perverted, namely when it's white stuff. We've managed to pervert peanut butter, mashed potatos, blueberry muffins, bagels and cream cheese, ranch dressing, pizza...damn you name it. It's like Rule 34 for lunch.

Anyway, your turn now, mine was pretty TL;DR.


I once hit a girl in the side of the head with a french fry and screamed "A billion dollars!" for absolutely no reason. It became an IRL meme in a manner of speaking and I had to live with people saying it for next month and a half.

And like... yesterday... I totally I had breakfast for lunch. It was epic.


Well I remember back in my freshman year Lunch was a drag. As a freshman you were suppose to eat lunch last. Because first you would have to go and get someone else's lunch. Like a senior or something. I wasn't going to do that, so I had a fight every lunch. I usually lost, but hey in time I got over it.

Now as a senior I don't do it, I think it' wrong and I make sure the people I eat with don't do it.
Actualy it was really funny because one time I dropped mashed potatoes on the floor and didn't know, and some random guy came by and busted his ass. We were cracking up.

And a friend of mine was clear across the cafeteria. He was eating this banana, and he shoved about the whole thing in his mouth. SO I shouted out "EWWWWWW!" and everyone heard me saw where I was pointing and laughed. He did not like that, he is still kinda mad. XD This was fun XP
At lunch I go to the Cafeteria and hang out with friends. Sometimes it differs depending on what happens. Yesterday I had Cafe Duty and while I was walking back I was intercepted and hung out with another friend for the lunch period.



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I always spend lunch with a good friend of mine.


And then I eat him.

Their friends are none the wiser either. It's a perfect crime.


Bokracroc said:
I always spend lunch with a good friend of mine.


And then I eat him.

Their friends are none the wiser either. It's a perfect crime.

You, I like. You make sense to me.


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Back in high school, I never ever stayed for lunch. I would always catch a ride with the homies to Burger King or 7-11, and after my freshman year, I got my hardship license I did it myself. School lunch sucked back when I went, and the year after I left they had a pizza hut, mcdonalds, and taco bell put in the lunch room. Bullshit, I say. School lunch was for poor people in my time. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, chicken fried soy patty and starch sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now a days, I'm lucky to get a break in school for lunch, and this time around the cafeteria is actually decently priced and serves food that I can recognize without breaking out a microscope.


At school I just went into the library and play game boy read a game magazine, listen to my cd player or sleep until lunch hour was over... wow that's kind of sad...


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I beat up little kids and take their lunch money.

Ok, so seriously, I used to just sit in the cafeteria all by myself and shit, cause I was bein all like antisocial and stuff. Now I eat lunch with a couple other people from my anime club.


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In highschool I sat at the first table that was there for my freshman year and for somereason no one sat at it before I did. Then all of a sudden it became a hot spot. Don't know why...was it me? I wouldn't think so because no one really wanted to talk to me for more then a "hi". When I finaly started to get some friends they seemed to all be the ones with social problems >.>...Like one girl who get's easily pissed at just about anything, like me looking at my food while eating or letting my eyes wonder around the room (no where near her mind you)...I think she just liked using me for stress release. There are probebly a bunch of other things I could trudge up from my memories but I'll save those for later.

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I don't remember much about high school, except playing table football a lot. With croutons. If I didn't share a lunch hour with my friends, I just brought a book.

When I worked days, actually 11:30 to 1:30 lunch time meant a rush of customers, who were really idiotic. When I got to eat on break - well, I'm hooked on chili cheese dogs, fries, etc. now. Other than that, nothing special.

Now I work at night, so I'm always at home during lunch. Which, time wise, is right now. I'm eating a pop-tart and considering a hot dog. Dogs are napping after their morning romp and meal. Partner is still asleep, she's mostly nocturnal.


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I sit on a wooden bench in the shade and eat, while thinking about various things and trying to lessen the headache humanity manages to give me almost on a daily basis.


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i sit with my friends alot. mostly we talk about random stuff, and do alot of random things. seriosuly, were probably the loudest table in lunch. :D


Used to have an hour for lunch but they changed the school's timetable and we only have 35 minutes now =/
So I sit in the corridors and have a laugh with my friends. We play cards (Kings and Arseholes) and make stupid jokes about everything. Sexual inuendo is the most common form of banter. I also spent today talking to my friend in meme speak and no one else had ANY idea what we were on about, hell, they didn't even know what a Rickroll was :eek: Lunch life is fun =D
Oh yes, we have also been practising our Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley jokes as he is coming to give a speech at my school next Friday and all of my year are required to go. Due to one raging republican I-Hate-The-DUP type fellows who is completely bigoted, ignorant and offensive, this should turn out to be fun XD


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Back when i was in School i would normally just go for a long walk and get something to eat. There wasnt really anything exciting to do at my School during lunch time plus the food was absolutely awful.


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i dont get lunch at work due to so many customers during those hours. and since i need the tips teh closest thing to a lunch is going inside the station and getting a soda then back to it.

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I usually eat lunch in the break room at work or I go to Sonic across the street, when I'm at home I eat in the living room or I graze out of the fridge.

A lunch story...
When I was a freshman, one of the seniors ran through the lunch room screaming and yelling and wearing nothing but a g-string for a senior prank...I lol'd my ass off. (it was a dude btw)


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I sit all alone at the counter and wonder how long it would take me to die if some psycho decided to start shooting the place up.