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(Commission) Selling: Lunney's Art Shop! $10usd - $65usd [OPEN]


Perpetually Tired
Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in my work!
Examples of my work: Artwork Gallery for Lunneus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Terms Of Service
More Examples: lunneuscommission.carrd.co: Lunneus and kaysmarr.carrd.co: Khalahjia Smarr - Concept Artist

Currently Accepting:
Everything, but no complex backgrounds!
Anything you see in my examples, I can do. Even if it's not listed in the price sheet!

I Will Not Draw:
Extreme Hyper
Macro/Micro (Size diff. is OK)
Anything Mature or Adult rated involving underage characters
Sexual Non-Con
Soft Vore


* Additional Add-Ons not listed here can be discussed!

More Examples!

^ Feral Fullbody Shaded w/ Simple BG


^ 2 View Reference w/ Zoom-in & Headshot


^ Feral Headshot w/ Complex BG


If you're interested, you can contact me on the following:
Discord: Lunney#0117
E-mail: rheoxis@aol.com
DM on Twitter: @Lunneus
Note on Furaffinity: user/lunneus

And if you have any questions, post them here or message me directly!

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Perpetually Tired
Just reopened commissions and updated the prices in the op!