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Luteus <3


Carrot muncher
Hello everyone, my name is Luteus, a latino bunny/chinchilla from Puerto Rico. I've been a furry artist for many years, and never really got involved with other people until like 4 years ago where I started chatting and making friends on instagram.
First time fursuiting was at TFF 2019, then I went on 2020 with my current suit.
So yea, I've been all over the place, I like taking my suit around for meetings, or just taking pictures at places, small conventions at malls, parties and whatever else.
Aaaand, I can't wait until it's safe to travel again so I can go see people.
(suit by Paciulo) (if you want to know more stuff, ask)


Friendly Sparkly Maney | pfp by Moutymoo <3
¡Bienvenido luteus! Disfruta tu estancia aquí :3


Thine Grumpy Resident
Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


Daedric Prince of Secrets
Oh, I've seen you around before! :)