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Lynx Groups For Telegram Or Other Socials


Lamenting Lynx

For some time now, I've been wandering about in search of groups for those signature tufted felines. We seem to be rather rare, spread far and few between. There's popular ones sure, but I feel a place of congregation is needed. I haven't had any luck in finding outlets or groups specifically for us, so I was considering creating one if I continue to find nothing. If anyone knows of anything or seeking to make a group with lynxes in mind, please reach out. I'm not opposed to assistance, and to clarify: I'd want to initially create a SFW group tailored to more mature age ranges like 18+. Naturally, it'd be impossible to pretend half the people wouldn't post suggestive stickers/statements, etc occasionally. (If you've been in groups and are realistically observant, you know how some are.) Hopefully I don't sound too generic with this, but I do feel it is significant to have an active space for us tufted creatures. I'll spare you the other generic speech for groups (i.e. Here, we seek to create a welcoming, engaging, and x community that seeks to do...). We've all heard it before, and it's become numb to me. Despite that, it is still significant. Nonetheless, if this peaks your interest, do reach out to me.

Be well, whomever it may concern.