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Machine sewing thick fur


Parent Fur
What do I need to do machine sewing? What stitches work well?
I've got some experience sewing regular cloths, but the thickness the fur adds is just too much for my normal machine.
Can I compress the seam somehow? Will that make the final fur appear matted at the seam?
Suggestions desired.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Well, three things. Either get a metal frame and geartrain sewing machine, find a used but still good older metal home machine or industrial machine or buy a serger. The serger does a ladder stitch by slacking off the needle tension and tightening the lower looper. By pulling the seam flat, the seam disappears.

Tips - brush the fur away from the seam before sewing. Use binder clips to hold the fur while you sew. Keep your seam to a minimum and if you're using a zig-zag stitch, keep it narrow. After you sew the seam, cut off your excess seam allowance and use a blunt pick to pull the fur out of the seam, then use a dog/cat wire grooming brush GENTLY to make the seam go away. Might be a good idea to keep the seam allowance down to a minimum.

I think the big thing is to brush the fur away from the edge of the seam before trying to clip it together for sewing. That will greatly reduce the bulk. I also think binder clips do a better job of holding the seam as you sew.