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Mad libs round 2


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Well I'll consider the last game a success, so I'll start a round 2. =p

Same rules with one modification.

Here are the revised rules:

1. I have a blank mad libs story I downloaded.
2. Your job is to place a number for the blank word and fill it in appropriately with any word that comes to mind.
3. Please post in a numerical order. It helps me to organize. (First poster will fill in the first word, second the second, and so on..
4. I'll reveal the full story sometime later tonight, tomorrow or in the next few days depending on how many post =p
5. First come first serve, there is only space for 17 posts (First posters will be added to our story)
6. If this succeeds, there might be more of these in the future =p
7. Any questions pm me =p
8. Most importantly have fun! =p

Let the game begin and let's make another great story =p

Generic Comic Superhero Movie

1. Silly name________

2. Unrealistic profession________

3. Country________

4. Another silly name________

5. Color________

6. Adjective________

7. Adverb________

8. Third Silly name________

9. Fourth silly name________

10. Facial feature________

11. Second sill name (not open)

12. City________

13. One more silly name________

14. Verb________

15. Noun________

16. Formerly badass actor now selling out________

17. Noun________


Professional Watermelon Farmer
1. Izzy


Professional Watermelon Farmer
3. Madagascar


Professional Watermelon Farmer
6. Sparkly


Professional Watermelon Farmer
8. Billy-Bob


Professional Watermelon Farmer
10. Lips


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Generic Comic Superhero Movie

Meet our hero Izzy, a super-intelligent flag unfurler. A run-in with the Madagascar military leads him to create his alter-ego Ignatius, a purplesparkly giant capable of great destruction. Helamely battles the military with his girlfriend Billy-Bob. Eventually it is discovered that our hero’s long-time colleague Petunia, distinguished by his lips is trying to turn Ignatius into a weapon, leading to a climactic (if pointless) battle in downtown Brighton and Hove with an evil version of the same giant alter-ego called Suparman. Eventually the enemy is subdued by bouncing him with a Hatstand. In the final reel, Johnny Depp appears to propose joining him in a compound interest.