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Mad Libs Round 3


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And I think based on the success of previous rounds I'll setting up a round 3

1. I have a blank mad libs story I downloaded.
2. Your job is to place a number for the blank word and fill it in appropriately with any word that comes to mind.
3. Please post in a numerical order. It helps me to organize. (First poster will fill in the first word, second the second, and so on..
4. I'll reveal the full story sometime later in the day, tomorrow or in the next few days depending on how many post/time =p
5. First come first serve (First posters will be added to our story)
6. Any questions pm me =p
7. Most importantly have fun! =p

Let the game begin and let's make another great story =p

Spooky Stuff!

1. Adjective ________

2. Plural noun________

3. Plural noun________

4. silly word________

5. type of liquid________

6. adjective________

7. noun________

8. verb________

9. plural noun________

10. verb ending with ing________

11. number________

12. verb ending with ing________

13. plural noun________

14. noun________

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
10. Kissing


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Okay story ready will post any minute =p

*Note* I'll make grammatical changes to words sometimes for a clearer and funnier sentence structure.

Also got an idea to make different subjects or themes for some of these games in the future. For instance, furry, party, movie/tv/culture references, edgy humor, PG humor, art, sciences, dark humor, and so on (idk though yet.) Could use some feedback and or theme suggestions for this. But I think this would also be fun to mix it up a bit from time to time. =p


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Here we go :p

Spooky Stuff!

American children are fascinated by the groovy stuff—like stories that scare the skunks off them or make their Anti-furries stand on end. Scientists say this because being frightened causes the boogie gland to function and puts turpentine into their blood. And everyone knows that makes kids feel purple. When they are scared by a movie or a golf ball, boys laugh and holler and fart. But girls cover their eyes with their fires and keep screaming and kissing. Most kids get over this by the time they are 1,749 years old. Then they like movies about cars questing or cops shooting mice, or if they are girls, they like movies about a boy meeting an Internet and falling in love. Of course, that can be scary too.