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So I kinda got the idea from a few of these threads. I think it would be fun to play some Mad-Libs. This is one of my favorite games for teaching English, and I think one of the best drinking games XD

Here are the rules:

1. I have a blank mad libs story I downloaded.
2. Your job is to place a number for the blank word and fill it in appropriately with any word that comes to mind.
3. I'll reveal the full story sometime later tonight, tomorrow or in the next few days depending on how many post =p
4. First come first serve, there is only space for 17 posts (First posters will be added to our story)
5. If this succeeds, there might be more of these in the future =p
6. Any questions pm me =p

Let the game begin, and have fun! Hope we can make a great story =p

How to date the coolest guy/girl in school:

What we need:

1. Plural noun _______

2. Adverb _______

3. Verb_______

4. Article of clothing _______

5. Body part _______ (Let's see whcih dirty minds lurk here =p)

6. Adjective _______

7. Noun _______

8. Plural noun _______

9. Another body part _______

10. Plural noun _______

11. Another body part _______

12. Noun _______

13. Noun _______

14. Verb ending with 'ING'_______

15. adjective _______

16. adjective _______

17. verb _______


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Edit: whoop I looked three times and still missed that the number was picked.

So lemme switch to:

8: wings

(I guess I really want to do that)
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Draakc from State Farm

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Draakc from State Farm

Shitpost God
6. Stupid

Draakc from State Farm

Shitpost God
Slots open 8, 10, 12, 16, 17


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How to date the coolest guy/girl in school:

It’s simple. Turn the Foxes. Make him/her want frantically to date you. Make sure you’re always dressed to tipping. Each and every day wear a hat that shows off your knees to stupid advantage and make your werewolf look like a million wings. Even if the two of you make meaningful funny bone contact don’t admit it. No hugs or Cacti. Just shake his or her tongue firmly. And remember when he/she asks you out, even though a chill may run down bag pipe and you can’t stop your bacon from fishing, just play it slippery. Take a long pause before answering in a very smelly voice. 'I’ll have to incinerate it over.'