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Here's one that I'm currently working on:

Prices vary, depending on wood type, size, complexity of the design you want, and if it has additional bits like inlaid gemstones, or antler.

If I have a wood in stock, it's generally a bit cheaper.

Prices: For wands with simple carvings, like paw prints, or a simple outline of an animal/animals, start at $50, plus shipping.

Fully 3 dimensional carved handles as an animal/anthro, like the horse, are $100. If you want very specific details or markings, there may be an additional fee.

Features like gem stones would have an additional cost, to cover the cost of ordering them, and the time it takes to set them.

Shipping within the US. is $10, and covers the cost of packaging, insurance, and tracking.

I can ship "most" species of wood anywhere in the world (even to Australia. That's where the Laurelwood Mink wand went) However there are some species that are known for their beauty, that I refuse to work with, due to concerns of toxicity. (Purpleheart being a prime example) In cases like this, I can create a natural dye for the wood, that would simulate the appearance.

The Spruce Stallion wand, seen above, is actually lightly dyed with a blend of tea. The wood was originally a much lighter color. The individual who commissioned it wanted Spruce wood, but wanted it to look more like a light Cherry.

The Aspen Dolphin wand, features antler "cabochons" for eyes. I can also do bone inlays if desired.

Due to international law, I can only ship antler and bone products within the US, unless some hefty permit/customs fees were paid. I can however simulate antler in wood as seen here:

If you're looking for something already made, I have a couple of wands up for sale on my Etsy page. They're pretty, but they don't have animals carved into them.... However, the Spirit Cougar wand I'm working on, will be for sale as soon as it's completed. It's something I've been working on in my spare time between commissions :)

Time to produce a wand is dependent on the detail, and time it takes to get your wood. (I have a selection on hand, but sometimes need to special order. They can take a few weeks to make and ship, so I only take three commissions at a time, to ensure that everyone gets their wand quickly :) I'm in Wyoming, so it generally takes 3-5 days to ship anywhere in the continental US. Last time I shipped to Australia, it took a couple of weeks.

I'll update this thread if there's interest, and let people know when I have slots open :) Feel free to comment here, or shoot me a PM if you have any questions or comments.

Current slot openings: 3
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