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Magical Cat


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My pet cat is somehow able to get on the flat roof of a portion of the house i live in. Either A. He knows how to climb a ladder, or b. He spiderman in disguise. :eek:

There is a ladder along the back of the house. Perhaps he knows enough that he can use it to get up there since there is not a tree near by he can use as a ladder.


Till i can solve this mystery, it is yet not known...

To be continued??


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My 15 pound cat managed to get in our neighbors two story shed...we never did figure out how he got in the rafters.


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My grandmas cat once climbed up the chimney. It also used to hide under my bed till I got out, and it would scratch my leg.


My cat climbs the ladder into the attic whenever it's open, and stays up there for hours.

My uncle had a dog that followed him up a ladder onto the roof of his house while he was fixing the shingles.


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my cat climbs the ladder on my bunkbed. (well, its not exactly a bunkbed, it has a desk on the bottom)


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Cats are awesome at getting up into weird places, the problem is getting down. My neighbors used to have a cat that would always climb up to the top of these huge tall trees lining a field behind my house. The firefighters rescuing a cat thing actually happened pretty often.