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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) Main art commission page (fullbody)

Byzance123 Rauss Khan

Well-Known Member
Heya, I will open commission with very low prices.

Here are content I accept :
political (if it's fictive)
anthro (scalies, furry, feathers, amphibians ... )
Soft NSFW (vore, butt, boots fetish, growth, expansion, muscle)

Don't ask this from me :
Human (except humanoids and depending to my feeling) or another species
Alien (not sure)
Hard NSFW (Illegal subject, secretion, scat)
not too complex

Prices :

The reason for why I don't want complex content is because of my art level, I have the right to choose commission where I feel good.
Depending to the complexity, I will accept. I have also favorite theme and you can see it on my account.

Fullbody - lines 6$ / flat color 8$ / shadows 10$

Extras :
+1$ for NSFW.
2-4$ for a background.
+ 50% price for the second Oc, 25% for the third.

I hope my prices are confortables for you. I hope my art isn't too low.

Paypal : fabinos.larby[at]gmail.com