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Changelog Mainsite update on 2017-03-10


Site Developer
Staff member
# [beta] Lighbox on submission page will now close on clicking anywhere instead of just the image itself.
# [beta] Added a block with 5(6) recent(+featured) user journals to the journal view page.
# [beta] All beta themes except the dark theme currently disabled. users of other beta themes have been switched to using the dark theme.
# View troubleticket feedback/notification page in the user control panel was displaying the "message number" instead of the actual "troubleticket number".
# Birthdays now start at the beginning of any given day rather than at the end. 18th birthday now registers at 00:00 rather than 23:59.
# Contact info field changes: removed icq, nabyn, xfire; added: picarto, furry network, telegram, discord, battle.net.
# Submissions and favorites galleries on the userpage now use the new gallery layout like the rest of the site.
# Max number of thumbnails in the userpage minigalleries increased from 14 to 20
# Added support for new bbcode tags: [h1]Large header text[/h1], [h2]..[/h2], [h3]..[/h3], [h4]..[/h4], [h5]..[/h5] and [spoiler]screened text that shows on mouseover or click[/spoiler]