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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) maixiem's art thread! Half/Full body, Outfit Designs (furry, human)


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Hi! I'm Xiem, I like dressing characters in modern/trendy clothes. You can email me at maixiemm@gmail.com!
  • All payments upfront
  • You can track progress of your commission here: Link to google sheet
  • Payment is through paypal or cashapp! I will DM you with payment details when we've agreed on details of the commission.
  • I will notify you when I work on your commission; I always draw two poses/compositions for the client to choose from.
  • All work will be completed before the 1st of next month, unless something comes up. I will notify you if something comes up.
  • All furry art will be SFW...for NOW
  • Comment or DM if you're interested!

Commission Types
I'm looking to hone my anthro/furry drawing skills and add more examples, so I'm offering furry commissions for cheap(er).
$35 USD for a half body like this, $65 USD for a couple

Here are my regular prices! For screenreaders:
Simple color - Half Body $45 USD, Full Body $70 USD. Background +$75 USD. Additional Character + 60%.
Full color - Half Body $65 USD, Full Body $85 USD. Background +$100 USD. Additional Character + 65%.


Outfit Designs
You can also commission me for outfits! I like designing maid/butler outfits, and modern outfits, but I can design fantasy too.
$55 USD for a full outfit! Includes front and back. Additional costs for intricate details + cleanup.


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