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Make my birthday special!


Okay so my last few birthdays have been absolute garbage for reasons I won't get into and I'm determined to make this one fabulous. Now since my family and my friends are all poor as shit I'm not getting any presents (I got one from my mom, got to see MSI in concert which amounted to $20 haha but amazing experience and i love her dearly for buying it for me so I didn't have to haha) soooo that's where you come in!

Absolutely anyone who wants to draw something can go ahead and throw something together of my durpsona Candy. It's a request for my birthday and what is a birthday without surprises?

So you got free artistic range, do what you want with her. NSFW, SFW, make her chased by bees, I don't care. I'll be thrilled if even one person draws her.

Another thing is i Just haven't been active in the fandom in so long and it kind of signifies my return so I want to feel special ;)

So ref for markings: SORTA NSFW: no nips or any detailed genitals but she's nude. http://t.facdn.net/2630810@400-1249794474.jpg god damn that pics old as shizz
Ref for her new hair (it's an undercut with the hair grown out a bit rather than freshly shaved, cause that's what I got right now) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12912098/

She's peppy and happy and giggly and naive so have fun :)

Seriously if even one person puts something together i'll be fucking thrilled <3

Hope this thread's okay also, i read the rules and it doesn't seem to be against it considering it's the exchange forum


Happy birthday. I could put something together. Hopefully others will take a crack at it as well


Hit 'em right between the eyes

Happy birthday!