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Chips ahoy
So I have this cow sona in mind and I want her to come to life!Btw her name is Becky Heres a written description of her: Okay, so she is a cow with pink hair long hair.
She has heart blush (pink) and instead of black she has pink.She has big Thighs and breast.Her eyes are baby blue and as well as the tip of her ears.She usually wears a super cute strawberry shirt, a flower crown, and some pastel purple overall shirt.



Backstory(I some part it talks about killing herself so ye)She lost the only person who cared about her at age 10 which was her father.Her mother and sister make her their slave so sometimes she goes to her room and cuts herself.She has a demon inside of her and it’s name is Mo, Sometimes her eyes go all black and she cries her tears are black and blood is rushing from her body.She always screams “Please come back” when Mo is coming out of her.She is 19 years old and was forced to go into college because her mother wanted her to get away from them.She hangs out with a few people but they don’t really care about her..She’s in love with a guy and 1 of her only friends said that she’d give her crush a note.The note said this, “Hi, I know you don’t know who this is but a wanted to talk to you.I am not {Inserts friends name} so please if your going to say something about {Insterts friends name} don’t..please.You May be thinking “Then who wrote this?” Its {Insterts Friends name} best friend..I made her write this because I’m too shy.If you want to talk to me give me your number or something!” A few days later they got each other’s number and started talking every day through text!One day Becky told him to meet up so they did!Her crush was surprised and didn’t believe it because he liked Becky as well.They started dating got married and had kids!And Becky’s Friend will forever be 3 wheeler
Clap for me >:D
Anyways any questions please ask!
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I'd like to give Becky a try!

But fair warning, I don't know when I could get it done, so you may still see if someone else wants to draw her too!