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Make my horse anthro?


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Hey there I tried your horse. I love their markings. I know I went abit free reign as the markings were difficult to duplicate 100% in the anthro transfer. But I hope I did them justice:


my FA: www.furaffinity.net: Horse Gift by JulieVee

This is just a flat color. If you want a fully shaded version to capture the gradients of your mare's lovely darker browns to lighter browns you can commission me to finish the piece at a Holiday discount of 5 usd. I can also make a back view with shading for an additional 5. My usual pricing is 10 per-view for full shading. So you'd be saving 10$. Let me know if that would interest you thanks and Happy Holidays. ^^
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Ah thank you. Im glad you like her. And you and I are in the same boat. Unemployed currently. So I completely understand.

The deal won't expire just give me a poke whenever your able.