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Making a group with people that make music.

Firio Zifirion

Red/Gray Protogen
So recently (like 10 minutes ago) I made a Megalovania remix. I was thinking about posting it on youtube or somewhere. I realised that uploding it on soundcloud or youtube wouldnt make people listen to it...

The point is I want to make music that someone would listen to (dubstep, chillstep, Trip Hop, Tropical House, Future Bass etc.)... I dont know how to advertise my music and do anything.. I want to make a group (like GameChops) with 3-10 people that would upload the tracks on the youtube channal or other places. With more people producing, lets say 1 track every day, more people would hear it! So... I have no idea how to start it or do anything... So I'm asking you guys:
Is this a good idea?

Egg Squid Frog System

Resin & traditional artist & musician :3
:O are you still looking for more folks to join? I make electronic music & piano pieces