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Making a headbase thats bigger than your own head?


Crayon Fennec
I'm sorry to ask, but any help is much appreciated.

I've been making bases out of 1/2 foam, and usually they're just premades so I use my own head as measurements.. However for larger heads, would it work to just do the same except leave a few inches in the back and to keep using my own head? My head is a 19", and the person the suit is for is a 23".

In the past i've just used my partners head, but he is impatient and it's a very long process that way - and half the time it ends up wrong and having to be redone due to him not being still. (Dont blame him, it probably isnt fun to sit still and have foam all over your face).

Thank you,
any help is appreciated.


You should be able to get a styrofoam head that's 23", tho I don't know where to buy them since I don't make masks.
What Shizuka said is a good suggestion. While I'm not sure what the exact measurement is of most foam heads (they come in a standard one-size-fits-all), what I have done before is expand the size of the head with duct tape. I do this when I make my foam heads and also to keep my cosplay wigs on :3 Foam heads are sold at beauty supply stores, however they can get pretty pricey; I like to buy mine online.
What you want to get is a head armature, it will be the best representation of a human head without actually using somebody. The one I use is a little bit more pricey then those smaller stryrofaom heads people store wigs one. But it is built to last, I know a builder thats had hers for over 5 years. Its lived through two moves, a ton of pin holes, and enough hot glue to last a lifetime.

check out the monster makers and cfx :

I personally use the monster makers allanna head, but that is only because I am in Canada and I had to go by what my local sculpture supply store carried.
Good luck ^^