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Making fursuits from stuff around my house

Yup. I this current situation I've decided to spend my time making fursuits from stuff I have in my house. Why? Well when I first started getting involved in the furry fandom I would go to the fabric store and buy any faux fur in the remnants bin in case I wanted to use in when I finalized a character design. Then I found out how superior fur from online vendors is. So I have yards of not great but still decent fur lying around. Then I got bunch of free foam from work.

So now that I have a character and ordered the good fur I need to clear space. So I'm designing characters using the colors of fur I have and making them into suits while I wait for my fur order to come. Thought I'd post my progress here.
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Guess the species?
Well, there are kinda two options. Either it's a hyena or it's not a hyena! ;)

I have zero knowledge about fursuits but I'll be watching your thread. It's an interesting DIY project and I'm curious what will you be able to come up with.
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Fur on for fit, not glued down. Fur is currently in the wash to get sewing markings off. But progress is going to be slow for a while. First, because my cat stole my eye foam and played with it and now I have to order plastic for the eyes. Also, my expensive fur came early!!! So I'll be working on my main suit to. I'll still do these ones, it will just take longer.